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Why bitwise

Why financial professionals choose Bitwise

Expertise and track record

Our experienced team is immersed in crypto markets day in and day out, with insights informed by extensive research and analysis.

Thorough understanding of advisors' business

Our offerings are built to fit with advisors’ workflows, processes, tools, and administrative logistics. We understand your situation and want to make your life easy.

Relationship managers, nationwide

With extensive experience supporting advisors, Bitwise's distribution team is focused 24/7 on crypto. We're here to help advisors get the answers they need and confidently navigate the space on behalf of their clients.

Expert Coverage

A dedicated team of 19 professionals, serving you.

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Thoughtful, professional-grade exposure to a growing world of crypto opportunities.


Understand the how, what, and why of crypto

For financial advisors, one of the biggest barriers to considering an investment in crypto is education. It's a complex, technical, and fast-changing market — and something we know inside and out. Our job at Bitwise is to give advisors the support and advice they need to make informed decisions for their clients on an increasingly critical asset class.

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Webinars & Events

Learn about our webinars and events.

Hear from Bitwise to get the latest developments in crypto — and why they matter to your clients.

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Portfolio Simulator

Simulate your portfolio’s performance with an allocation to crypto

For you, for your clients

Start your education with a guided introduction to crypto

Receive a guide to understanding crypto and its potential. Share with your clients and firm.

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