The Case for Diversification Within Crypto Investing

San Francisco • March 1, 2018

Many crypto investors only hold a single coin, like bitcoin. This white paper lays out why that’s a suboptimal strategy.

This report explores the value of diversification for cryptocurrency investing. It quantifies the relationship between the performance of different large-cap crypto assets through a number of measures: variability of monthly returns, correlations, and performance during drawdowns. As an example, the analysis finds that the average monthly difference in returns between the top- and bottom-performing large-cap crypto asset during the past year is 300.1%. Also, during the 60%+ drawdown in the price of bitcoin in December-January, three of the top 10 crypto assets posted positive returns, with one rising 69%. Though cryptocurrency has a limited track record, the report finds that there has been meaningful variability in performance. Investors stand to benefit from diversification in their cryptocurrency portfolios.


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