Our Approach

A professional approach to crypto asset management

A field as complex as crypto demands rigorous, institutional-grade measures to protect client funds. Here are several ways Bitwise manages risk in areas from custody and trading to regulation and compliance.
How we do this

Managing Risk

Investors have an ever-increasing number of ways to invest in crypto—and a variety of risks to consider in navigating those choices. Bitwise’s clients are professional investors, which include RIAs, banks, broker-dealers, institutions, investment managers, and family offices, each with high standards and important responsibilities to their own clients and trustees.

The Bitwise suite of funds and products is built specifically to meet their standards. Here, we outline what constitutes a professional approach to asset management in crypto and the measures Bitwise takes to protect client funds.

Let us take care of your crypto assets.

Crypto and public blockchains continue to evolve rapidly, bringing valuable opportunities for professional investors, but also new risks and complexity. Professional solutions and expert partnerships are more important than ever. At Bitwise, that’s our sole focus, as it has been since our founding more than half a decade ago.